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Daily Schedule

Mrs. Jones 21-22 Class Schedule

(subject to change)


7:15-7:45 arrival/breakfast (pick up kids in gym & cafeteria)


7:50-8:00 announcements


8-10:00 Reading/Lang Arts


10-11:00 Math  10:00-10:35 on Fridays to Library


11:15-11:45 Recess


11:45-11:55 prepare for lunch


11:55-12:25 lunch


12:35-1:35 (MWF) finish math             12:35-1:55 (TR) finish math if needed


                                                              pack up

1:40-2:30 (MWF) Specials:                1:55-3:15 (TR) Specials:

                 PE, Art, Writing Lab                PE, Art, Read Aloud, Computer Lab (ST Math), SEL, PE


2:35-3:15 (MWF) finish math if needed        


        pack up                    

3:15 Release buses to bus line at the west end of the hall (glass doors)

  Send front door cars and walkers      

  Stay with 2nd grade car riders at the east end of    the hall (maroon doors)


2nd Grade Lesson Plans

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